Nature and Ecology icons

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This week we have an amazing and wonderful new icons packs about Nature and Ecology.

We think that we have to protect the environment for that reason we have lots of graphic resources of ecology, nature, green energy, etc. In addition, these resources have a great variety of styles and a wide palette of colors.

You can free download and use all these icons. They are perfect to get better web pages, mobile applications or graphic projects. All the icons are designed in 4 different styles and you can find them in svg and png format. That’s why if you need in other color or you want to edit them, you have the svg format.

This is the content of the exclusive Nature and Ecology icons pack:

  • Global Warming icon
  • Trash Bin icon
  • Eco Factory icon
  • Eco Car icon
  • No Plastic icon
  • Save Water icon
  • Eco Tag icon
  • Solar Energy icon
  • Windmill icon
  • Eco Science icon
  • Iceberg icon
  • Rose Plant icon
  • Herbs icon
  • Cloud and Rainbow icon
  • Meadow icon
  • Forest icon
  • Biofuel icon
  • Protect Earth icon
  • No Waste Factory icon
  • Smart Farm icon
  • Greenhouse icon
  • Recycling Truck icon
  • Eco Accumulator icon
  • Earth icon
  • Eco Lightbulb icon
  • Mill icon
  • Think Green icon
  • Honeycomb icon
  • Fresh Air icon
  • Island icon

You can download them on:

Nature and Ecology – Filled Line

Nature and Ecology – Flat

Nature and Ecology – Solid

Nature and Ecology – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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