Healthcare and Medical

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After these years of pandemic that we have lived through, health and medicine have played a very important role in our day to day. We take much more care of washing our hands, putting on a mask when necessary or taking more care of our eating habits.

That is why today we want to dedicate our post and our exclusive pack to this sector: health and medicine.

We present you this new and exclusive icon pack, made up of 4 different styles (Line, Solid, Flat and Filled Line), with 30 icons in each style. You will find these icons in SVG and PNG format, so that you can use and edit them, adapting it to the needs of the projects and jobs you want.

Don’t forget to share with us your project, we will love to see it!

This is the content of the exclusive Healthcare and Medical icons pack:

  • Handwash icon
  • Dentist icon
  • Syringe icon
  • Medicine Syrup icon
  • Band Aid icon
  • Ampoule icon
  • Face Mask icon
  • Sonography icon
  • X-Rays icon
  • Diabetes Test icon
  • Blood Pressure Gauge icon
  • Bacteria and Virus icon
  • Inhaler icon
  • Tongue Depressor icon
  • Defibrillator icon
  • Sick Man Avatar icon
  • Sleep Enough icon
  • Blood Donation icon
  • No Vape and Smoking icon
  • Infusion icon
  • Large Intestine icon
  • Lungs icon
  • Stomach icon
  • Liver icon
  • Pills icon
  • Blood Vessel icon
  • No Fat icon
  • No Alcohol icon
  • Healthy Food icon
  • Health Care icon

You can download them on:

Healthcare and Medical – Filled line

Healthcare and Medical – Flat

Healthcare and Medical – Solid

Healthcare and Medical – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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