Science and Technology

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Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, and technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Today, we bring you the opportunity to download for free this exclusive and awesome icons pack about Science and Technology.

In this useful pack you will find: 4 different styles of icons and 30 icons per style, all of them in svg and png format.

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This is the content of the exclusive Vegetables icons pack:

  • Malware icon
  • Research icon
  • Botanic icon
  • Filter Funnel icon
  • Lab icon
  • Cube Frame icon
  • Lab Coat icon
  • Virtual Reality icon
  • Holographic icon
  • Geographic icon
  • Molecule icon
  • Robotic Chip icon
  • Lab Burner icon
  • Magnet icon
  • Test Tube icon
  • Gas Mask icon
  • Plasma Ball icon
  • Neuron icon
  • Synthetic Ecology icon
  • Newton icon
  • DNA icon
  • Oceanographic icon
  • Robotic Arm icon
  • Pulley icon
  • Laboratory Building icon
  • Science and Tech icon
  • Bioengineering icon
  • Nanomedicine icon
  • Artificial Intelligence icon
  • Nuclear icon

You can download them on:

Science and Tecnology – Filled Line

Science and Tecnology – Flat

Science and Tecnology – Solid

Science and Tecnology – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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