Crime and Security icons

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Hey everybody!

Let us introduce you this new icons pack about Crime and Security. You can find on it various pictograms and images related to spying, police, detectives, and much more about this topic. All this with a wonderful color palette and nice icons.

These icons can be used in posters, mobile applications, web pages or any other purpose. We have designed in 4 different styles and in svg and png format. That’s why if you need in other color or you want to edit them, you have the svg format.

This is the content of the exclusive Crime and Security icons pack:

  • Thief Icon
  • Gun Icon
  • Detective Icon
  • Bullets Icon
  • CCTV Icon
  • Police badge Icon
  • Law Icon
  • Courthouse Icon
  • Gallow Icon
  • Prison Icon
  • Siren Icon
  • Suspect Icon
  • Face Scan Icon
  • Sandclock Icon
  • Law book Icon
  • Police Icon
  • Judgement Icon
  • Murder Icon
  • Wanted poster Icon
  • Walkie talkie Icon
  • Police station Icon
  • Handcuffs Icon
  • Fingerprint Icon
  • Police line Icon
  • Identification Window
  • Thief mask Icon
  • Footprints Icon
  • Police car Icon
  • Cudgel Icon
  • Eyewitness Icon

You can download them on:

Crime and Security – Filled line

Crime and Security – Flat

Crime and Security – Solid

Crime and Security – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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