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The World Health Organization recommends 5 portions per day of edible fruit and vegetables in order to prevent micronutrient deficiencies.

This important and necessary food in our diet, such as fruits, deserves an entry like this on the blog.

Today, we bring you the opportunity to get a new exclusive icons pack about “Fruit”. This freebie is made up of 4 different styles (line, flat, solid and filled line), 30 icons each style. A very complete and colorful icons pack that you can get for free and exclusively on our webpage.

You can use the entire pack or just part of it to improve and complete you project and designs, as restaurant menus, applications, webpages,…

All this icons are available in svg and png format, so you can download it and change the color. You can use them in your projects with the style you prefer.

Don’t forget to share with us your project, we will love to see it! @iconicons_com

This is the content of the exclusive Drinks and Restaurant icons pack:

  • Apple icon
  • Avocado icon
  • Lychee icon
  • Banana icon
  • Mango icon
  • Kiwi icon
  • Watermelon icon
  • Strawberry icon
  • Durian icon
  • Peanut icon
  • Mangosteen icon
  • Guava icon
  • Lemon icon
  • Pear icon
  • Melon icon
  • Dragon Fruit icon
  • Papaya icon
  • Pomegranate icon
  • Peach icon
  • Raspberry icon
  • Pineapple icon
  • Grape icon
  • Apricot icon
  • Custard Apple icon
  • Rose Apple icon
  • Carambola icon
  • Dates icon
  • Soursop icon
  • Passion Fruit icon
  • Jackfruit icon

You can download them on:

Fruits – Filled Line

Fruits – Flat

Fruits – Solid

Fruits – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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