Furniture icons

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Hi everybody!

Today’s icons are about furniture and home stuff. We bring you a complete pack with the 4 different styles, all this for free download. In this pack we have made a compilation with the most important things about furniture. Very useful to create interiors design, architecture design, deco, and much more.

As usual, the content of the file is: 30 icons in 4 different styles (line, flat, solid and filled line) and all of this content is available in 2 different formats: png and svg. With all this material, you can create a lot of designs, projects and if you need, you can edit the icons and customize them.

And all this content is free for you!

In Furniture icons pack you will find:

  • Bed icon
  • Table icon
  • Mirror icon
  • Sofa icon
  • Chair icon
  • Photo Frame icon
  • Clock icon
  • Window icon
  • Door icon
  • Stairs icon
  • Cabinet icon
  • Armchair icon
  • Workspace icon
  • Night Stand icon
  • Drawers icon
  • Rocking Chair icon
  • Shelves icon
  • Candlestick icon
  • Ottoman icon
  • Wallpaper icon
  • Wardrobe icon
  • Bunk Bed icon
  • Kitchen Cabinet icon
  • Crib icon
  • Carpet icon
  • Stool icon
  • Dresser icon
  • Bedside Table icon
  • Dressing Table icon
  • Modern Chair icon

You can download them on:

Furniture – Filled Line

Furniture – Flat

Furniture – Solid

Furniture – Line

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