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What’s your favorite food?

If we have to choose a favorite food, it is very difficult for us: pizza, noodle, sushi, kebab, candy,… Both sweet and savory, we have represented a wide variety of food-related items.

This week we bring you a new exclusive icon pack on the theme “Food”. This pack contains 4 different styles of icons and 30 icons per style. It is perfect to use in menus, restaurants, bars,…

All this icons are available in svg and png format, so you can download it and change the color. You can use them in your projects with the style you prefer.

Don’t forget to share with us your project, we will love to see it!

This is the content of the exclusive Food icons pack:

  • Baguette icon
  • Boba icon
  • Chocolate Chip icon
  • Dimsum icon
  • Bread with Cheese icon
  • Fried Chicken icon
  • Kebab icon
  • Onigiri icon
  • Steak icon
  • Fried Rice icon
  • Nachos icon
  • Salad icon
  • Egg and Bacon icon
  • French Fries icon
  • Soup icon
  • Soda icon
  • Sushi icon
  • Maple Syrup icon
  • Mochi icon
  • Lollipop icon
  • Pizza icon
  • Ice Cream icon
  • Cake icon
  • Sausage icon
  • Noodles icon
  • Sauce icon
  • Milk and Cereals icon
  • Sandwich icon
  • Strawberry Jam icon
  • Orange Juice icon

You can download them on:

Food – Filled line

Food – Flat

Food – Solid

Food – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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