Sport and Games

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What is your favorite football team? Or which is your basketball player that you like the most? Sport is so present in our lives that is why we dedicate this post to it today.

Tennis, football, hockey, cricket, baseball,… There are so many sports that the list is endless. Some of them can be found represented in this exclusive pack of icons, which you can only find on our website.

Tell us in comments what sport you would have liked to find in the pack and it is not, we read you 🙂

All the icons are designed in 4 different styles and you can find them in svg and png format. That’s why if you need in other color or you want to edit them, you have the svg format.

If you want to share your projects with us, don’t forget to tag us so we can see it! 

This is the content of the exclusive Sport and Games icons pack:

  • Badminton icon
  • Volleyball icon
  • Tennis icon
  • Football icon
  • Ice Hockey icon
  • Golf icon
  • Diving icon
  • Finish Flag icon
  • Bowling icon
  • Kimono icon
  • Jersey icon
  • Fishing icon
  • Dart icon
  • Score Board icon
  • Cricket icon
  • Frisbee icon
  • Parachute icon
  • Surfing icon
  • Trophy icon
  • Olimpic Torch icon
  • Swim icon
  • American Football icon
  • Whistle icon
  • Baseball icon
  • Nunchaku icon
  • Archery icon
  • Shooting icon
  • Football Net icon
  • Avatar Referee icon
  • Flippers icon

You can download them on:

Sport and Games – Filled Line

Sport and Games – Flat

Sport and Games – Solid

Sport and Games – Line

This icons pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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