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Humans are the only known living organisms with a destructive capacity able to consciously annihilate the planet on which they live, a miraculous planet that they have appropriated to destroy it by land, sea and air, forgetting that these store the resources necessary to satisfy their most basic physiological needs.

In developed countries people’s basic needs are covered from the moment of birth and from a young age they come to believe that they have other ones, such as the need to own property, vehicles, technological devices and an unlimited number of products and services … all at the expense of exploiting the planet’s natural resources, causing the extinction of thousands of species and contaminating the air we breathe. An unsustainable consumerism that, surprisingly, does not seem to make them any happier.

We are frequently not aware of the beauty that surrounds us because we do not really look. I remember that when I was small the trips from end to end of my island, Menorca, seemed to me very long, I looked at everything I could see through my window: trees, cows, clouds … nowadays those trips seem shorter; in general it seems that Time flies as we grow older and I think it is because usually we are not paying attention to our surroundings, and as we are unaware, it is as if the moment did not exist.

If we hope that future generations see, feel and know our home as we do, today’s generation must address this problem as a priority and although one person alone cannot change anything we can elect leaders that consider our planet in the light of the importance it deserves, in addition to practicing responsible daily consumption in a manner consistent with preservation of the environment.

Because if Earth, our planet, has no future, we have no future.

We want to share some free icons about ecology, environment and plastic pollution. The pack contains 20 free vector icons designed exclusively for our visitors by the illustrator Marina Pons Wolff.

Download Eco Icons pack

Download eco icons individually on icon-icons.com: Download eco icons

This icon pack is licensed under Free icon-icons license (with attribution).

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