Exclusive Free icons

Exclusive free icons

Vegetables icons

Eat more vegetables and fruits to save the world. Here’s what to eat to save yourself and the planet: less meat and sugar, more...
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Files and Folders icons

Dear readers, today we bring you a very useful pack, exclusive designed for icon-icons. “Files and Folders” is a theme that is always good...
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Fruits icons

The World Health Organization recommends 5 portions per day of edible fruit and vegetables in order to prevent micronutrient deficiencies. This important and necessary...
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Drinks and Restaurant icons

Here we are again, with a new exclusive icons pack for all our readers. This week we bring you a complete icons pack about...
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Furniture icons

Hi everybody! Today’s icons are about furniture and home stuff. We bring you a complete pack with the 4 different styles, all this for...
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School and Education icons

Dear readers, This is our present for all of you this Christmas: one new exclusive icons pack for free download! We bring you this...
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Food icons

What’s your favorite food? If we have to choose a favorite food, it is very difficult for us: pizza, noodle, sushi, kebab, candy,… Both...
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Hotel and Holidays icons

Who doesn’t like a good vacation? Today we share with all of you this new exclusive icons pack about Hotel, Holidays and Vacation. Due...
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Weather and Season icons

This week we want to share with all of you our new exclusive icons pack about “Weather and Season”. Do you fancy more winter...
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Design and Development icons

Hello everyone! We’re glad to show us this week a new icons pack about Design and Development. We’ve chosen this theme because we think...
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